Map and visualize geological features

With machine learning and other tools, Halliburton digital rock analysis organizes and synthesizes rock data to deliver a holistic view of the geological environment. By characterizing rocks at the pore level and upscaling those learnings to the larger region, you gain data to maximize the value of your reservoir. 

Integrated rock analysis also allows operators to gather deeper petrophysical and geological insights and make more cost-effective drilling decisions. 

Maximize reservoir understanding in a fraction of the time

Subsurface samples represent the only part of the reservoir we can directly examine at the surface, and their analysis is critical for comprehensive reservoir characterization studies. Ingrain services provide innovative digital tools designed to maximize the value of these samples with workflows to augment traditional core analysis for a holistic understanding of the reservoir.  

Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to help you measure, integrate, and upscale rock properties in a fraction of the time with core analysis programs that adapt to your specific needs. 

Enhance recovery with accelerated SCAL

Traditional special core analysis (SCAL) experiments are often lengthy and fail to accurately represent reservoir conditions. With our Ingrain accelerated SCAL program that combines physical experiments with digital rock physics, you can achieve fast and accurate evaluations of recovery scenarios. This approach equips you with critical parameters for reserves booking, production forecasting, well placement, and completion designs.  

Advance your production models with confidence and improve certainty early in the asset life cycle with the help of our experts. Using sensitivity analysis to understand the production impact brought by changes in reservoir rock and fluid properties, we will help you evaluate options for improved oil recovery. 

Improve collaboration and core knowledge retention

With subsurface data management being critical to the success of exploration and production, teams need access to the most current information technology infrastructures. They also need their subject matter experts available to focus on integration, analysis, and interpretation rather than bogged down by other tasks. 

The cloud-based CoreMemory® platform provides core data management, visualization and interpretation capabilities, computational engines, and machine learning tools that promote collaboration and unburden your experts.  

Reservoir insight even from the smallest rocks

While drill cutting samples are an abundant and cost-effective source of subsurface insight in tight formations, their use in traditional core analysis is limited due to their size and irregular shape. 

Ingrain helps you determine how representative a sample is, regardless of size. It provides a unique look at cuttings from tight formations using digital and physical methods. Understand important reservoir quality indicators and integrate these properties with our proven workflow to help you select landing zones, design completions, and perform post-drill analyses. 

case study - Texas

Ingrain predicts recovery using cuttings

A customer used the Halliburton Ingrain service to create an accurate geographic model without drilling pilots or core samples. 

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The ability to perform digital rock analysis on drill cuttings provided a very economic platform to develop a robust geologic model without drilling pilots and taking core.


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