Reduce your subsurface uncertainty

Geosciences Suite is an innovative, collaborative, and integrated solution that provides dynamic end-to-end workflows to help you characterize the subsurface with clarity. 

Accurate, rapid interpretation and modelling of reservoirs help maximize asset value and return on investment. Traditional industry solutions can have siloed environments with complex workflows that can lead to data gaps, delayed timelines, and an incomplete subsurface understanding. 

Geosciences Suite combines innovative technology and tightly integrated, end-to-end suite of cross-domain workflows to increase subsurface understanding, reduce uncertainty around today’s most complex reservoirs and tackle future energy challenges.


Nick Harvey

Nick Harvey

Domain Owner

Phill Norlund

Phill Norlund

Domain Owner, Geophysics

Mitigate Errors &
Data Gaps 

A single subsurface representation ensures evergreen asset data across teams and functions. 


Maximize efficiency and minimize risk with a tightly knit integration between data, user, and workflows.

Negate Repetition & Redundancy 

Dynamically update Earth Models and relevant data across Geophysics and Geology domains. 

Deeper Insights
with Minimal Effort 

Gain an enhanced understanding of your assets and drive agile field development with automation and smarter workflows.

Tackle Complexity
with Confidence 

Reduce uncertainty and take informed decisions during interpretation and modeling of complex reservoirs. 

Adaptable &
Innovative Tech

Solve today's biggest geoscience challenges while being empowered to find solutions for future energy transitions. 

Access Anywhere, 

Access the latest innovative geosciences cloud applications on a secure public, private, or hybrid cloud. 

Enhance Collaboration
& Productivity 

Increase collaboration and enable synergetic partnerships within a secure, scalable multi-user geoscience environment.

Rapid &
Accurate Modelling  

Build accurate geological models regardless of scale, faster to help reduce uncertainty, replace reserves, and optimize returns. 

Discover a whole new world of intelligent subsurface characterization.

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