Too often, the results of field development fall short of actual plans and compromise return on capital. To address this, operators need a holistic and iterative well planning approach. 

Forecast with greater confidence

Integrated data, automated workflows, and collaborative workspaces enable transparency between all teams. 

Reduce planning cycle time

Reduce human error and optimize efficiency through collaborative work by connecting the software for field development planning with rerunning planning scenarios. 

Accelerate informed decision-making

Digitize the approval process so people who need to sign off can see how recommendations were generated as well as what dependencies and uncertainties exist. 

Holistic Field Development Planning®, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application, continually updates as constraints arise from the field and office during a project’s design and execution phases. This allows you to make more optimal commercial and technical decisions throughout the well construction process and leads to improved confidence in the development plans. By holistically planning your asset, achieving the economic goal for your asset is within reach.