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The Halliburton InnerVue™ PipeSuite Diagnostics Service is a fast, accurate, and low-risk solution for locating and quantifying pipeline problems. InnerVue detects flow inefficiencies caused by wax, scale, asphaltenes or hydrate deposits. It also locates blockages, stuck pigs, and quantifies leaks or unsanctioned hot-taps. It requires minimal setup with low operational impact and has fast data collection, with preliminary results available within hours. 


Technician required


PSI maximum operating pressure (690 bar)


Equipment weight


Total kilometers surveyed

InnerVue™ PipeSuite enables:

  • No physical intervention in the pipeline
  • Stuck pig locating
  • Optimized planned pipeline remediation
  • Increased confidence in success before running a maintenance pig
  • Evaluation and tracking for maintenance operations
  • Better decisions for high-risk pipelines
  • Comparative or baseline surveys during pre-commissioning
  • Unknown pipeline feature detection (tee, wye)
  • Leak location and quantification
  • Halliburton expert reports and recommendations on pipeline diagnosis and analysis

InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics

InnerVue™ diagnostic service is a fast, accurate, non-intrusive, low-risk technique to detect flow inefficiency or blockage.

InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics without intrusive intervention

The InnerVue™ PipeSuite performs diagnostics by creating a speed-of-sound pressure wave in the pipeline and extrapolating the reflection data into deposit profiles, blockages, or leak locations. The service is successfully deployed worldwide to profile pipelines during pigging campaigns, locate lost inline inspection tools, verify top of cement depth, and other solutions. Operators can survey systems without stopping production, inserting tools into the system, or investing in costly intervention campaigns. 

Deposit profiling

Pipelines deposits can restrict flow, form a blockage, and increase the risk of a stuck pig. InnerVue safely and efficiently measures the flow area along the length of both gas and liquid pipelines. In dynamic conditions, the InnerVue survey provides valuable hydraulic diameter data along the line to identify areas where debris is restricting production. This enables informed decisions from improving the efficiency of a cleaning program to the use of a pig or an alternative cleaning method. 

Blockage location

Locating a full blockage due to debris or foreign objects in the line can be difficult, time consuming, and costly. The InnerVue survey significantly reduces time spent locating the blockage. This minimizes loss in production and informs the best course of action and entry point for remediation. 

Gas liquid pooling

Liquid that builds up at low points in mature gas pipelines can restrict flow, cause slugging, increase corrosion, or lead to handling issues at process facilities. InnerVue accurately identifies the position and size of liquid pools along the length of gas pipelines without disruption or intrusive intervention. This valuable data informs operator decisions regarding production efficiency, pipeline cleaning, and risk mitigation.  


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