A complete suite of pipeline decommissioning services


Halliburton offers a range of nitrogen services and has the experience and proven systems to help cost-effectively decommission assets in ways which are both safe and environmentally responsible. 

Global experience

With an ever-expanding track record, Halliburton has global experience in process decommissioning supported by a range of proven specialty services. From planning to execution, we ensure regulatory requirements are met for a safe recertification, change of service, or complete abandonment. 

Cost-effective nitrogen services

Pipelines can be flushed and cleaned via chemical and/or mechanical methods or, where required, mothballed for future use. Topside and processing facilities can be made safe via cleaning, flushing and inerting for rapid removal via cutting or bolting services. 

Nitrogen Services

  • Helium leak detection 
  • Purging  
  • Inerting  
  • Foam inerting 
  • Pipe freezing  
  • Cooldown  
  • Mothballing 
  • Mechanical services 
  • Joint integrity management   
  • Bolt torqueing  
  • Bolt tensioning  
  • Nut splitting  
  • Flange spreading 
  • On site machining: cold cutting, flange facing, drilling, milling

Our team has the capability to manage and perform all steps necessary to make assets and infrastructure ready for Cessation of Production (CoP) – all with our Halliburton equipment and personnel.


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