Trusted technology and expertise optimize workflow

Halliburton collaborates with clients to identify all leads, prospects, and areas of potential interest within play fairways after basin analysis is complete. Our consulting services help efficiently evaluate prospects through multidisciplinary technical expertise, industry-leading workflows, and state-of-the-art technology. Halliburton’s rigorous volumetric process coupled with a thorough, realistic ranking and risking process helps you maintain an effective portfolio of drillable prospects.

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Generate prospects with clarity

Our prospect generation workflow starts by reviewing initial play fairway, and play and trap types, including the use of appropriate analogs from our Global Earth Model. We consider all aspects of the petroleum system, including the timing of hydrocarbon generation, migration pathways, and fluid phase mixing over time. Top and side seals are validated. To characterize reservoirs, we also evaluate:

  • Depositional environment
  • Facies analysis
  • Seismic attributes
  • Petrophysical analysis
  • Reservoir thickness
  • Reservoir net/gross

Thorough high-grading and trap identification

We update play fairway maps to reflect insights from new data and derive interpretations including:

  • Detailed seismic mapping
  • Multiple horizon generation
  • Detailed fault mapping
  • Seismic attributes work
  • Velocity volume generation
  • Depth mapping

Rigorous prospect ranking and identification

Halliburton’s Consulting team calculates a volumetric range for all top-ranked prospects and identifies critical risks and the probability of success for each exploration prospect. We consider the areal extent, thickness and quality of the reservoir and seal, proximity to, and simplicity of, hydrocarbon migration, and integrity and type of trap. We carefully document each step for you.

We have access to industry-leading technology in machine learning and deterministic physics-based assisted interpretation tools for the subsurface.  Where relevant, we can deliver these capabilities to improve quality, consistency, thoroughness, and efficiency of subsurface interpretation and drive additional insights in workflow execution.  



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