Optimum production

Halliburton offers SureTHRU™ flow assurance chemicals for precommissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning for a wide range of transportation and production challenges. Halliburton SureTHRU family of chemicals is specially  formulated to combat corrosion, scale, asphaltenes, wax, hydrates, and emulsions that affect the maintenance of efficient hydrocarbon production, especially across long distances. We leverage our operational experience to help establish optimum throughput across the lifetime of your transportation and production systems.


Highest number of lines decommissioned in one project


Most stringent acceptance criteria (OIW)


The longest pipeline cleaned


Proven track record (years)


The construction stage is crucial when planning your production assets. Microbially influenced corrosion or corrosion caused by oxygen from the water left in the hydrostatic system could increase the rate of bacterial growth.

SureTHRU flow assurance chemicals offer treatment and protection for the hydrotest water by controlling bacteria and corrosion. Our Halliburton SureTHRU flow assurance solution can be used as a stand-alone treatment or a combination of chemicals additives offering effective mitigation of oxygen corrosion and adverse microbial activity, eliminating any potential integrity and operability challenges, and assist in detection of leaks.


The effective flow of hydrocarbons in the production systems can be affected by buildup of deposits like paraffin, asphaltene, scale, hydrates, corrosion products, emulsions, and flocculants. Halliburton SureTHRU flow assurance portfolio offers a broad range of proprietary and specialized chemicals that include paraffin and asphaltene solvents, scale removal products, and surfactants and dispersants for efficient de-oiling, break-down of emulsions, or desludging of stubborn hydrocarbon deposits.

SureTHRU Batch Inhibition chemistry was especially developed to overcome technical challenges and costs associated with cleaning a blocked system. It prevents internal corrosion and debris build up and protects the pipe surfaces between treatments. A Halliburton team of specialists can help design an optimum treatment plan to prevent expensive remediation options.

Decommissioning, abandonment, and change of service

Achieving the required cleanliness levels that satisfy environmental and regulatory standards in a cost-effective manner is the biggest challenge at this stage of your asset life. Halliburton SureTHRU technology can be applied to your meet your target in the most optimum way possible by speeding the cleanup process.




Integrated remediation 

Halliburton’s integrated remediation expertise is based on our extensive operational experience and track record with pre-commissioning, maintenance, and de-commissioning services. We operate in over 70 countries and provide a wide range of assessment, consultation, and remediation services to our clients.
  • Pipeline Assessment
    • Non-intrusive deposit profiling
    • Deposit quantification
    • Leak detection
  • Expert Consultation
    • Pig design and selection
    • Progressive pigging program design
  • Analytical Services
    • Crude oil and water sampling analysis
    • Wax, scale, and asphaltene evaluation
    • Material compatibility assessment
    • Solvent screening
    • Scale and deposition modelling
  • Complimentary Services
    • Pumping services for deployment of chemicals and removal of deposits
    • Pre-commissioning services
    • De-commissioning cleaning
    • Change of service cleaning
    • Remote subsea pigging and hydrotesting
    • Pig tracking
    • Umbilical testing and commissioning

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