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The Halliburton SWT package acquires full and reliable measurements throughout the well testing process, giving operators a better view of a reservoir’s full potential under many conditions. From exploration and appraisal to well clean-up to production testing, our SWT tools and solutions deliver the most valuable information to guide asset evaluation and decision making.

Hart's Meritorious Engineering Award

FloConnect™ Environmentally Distinctive Burner

The award-winning Environmentally Distinctive Burner (EDB) is a fully automated system for monitoring well conditions at the burner head in real-time. Intelligent controls are displayed via a portable remote-control touch screen interface for human intervention to verify expected and address unexpected conditions—without compromising burner performance, efficiency, or well test data collection.

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Addressing the industry's growing need to manage emissions

Halliburton is advancing solutions, including proprietary hardware and software tools for the continuous acquisition, storage, evaluation, monitoring, control, and reporting of emissions data. These innovative solutions are engineered specifically for oil and gas applications with the aim of providing critical emissions-related information that enables environmentally conscious, operational decision-making in real-time. 

FloConnect­™ Emissions Management Solutions

FloConnect­™ Emissions Management Solutions

Case Study: Southwest Mexico

Standalone early production facility handles 6,000 BPD and 5 MMscfd

Engineered solution delivers quick implementation of modular early production facility (EPF) layout, with rental equipment running reliably for more than four years.

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CALIBR® Flowback Operation Service

CALIBR® Flowback Operation Service

Improve short and long-term well performance, reduce damage to the completion and formation, and increase production.

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