Enabling a sustainable future

Halliburton provides the world with access to affordable and reliable energy while successfully transitioning to a lower-carbon future. We are leveraging our world-class technical expertise, resources, and versatile capabilities to assist in developing new capabilites and technologies as the world continues to transition to a sustainable energy future.

Sustainable energy solutions

Carbon Capture Storage

Carbon Capture Storage

Halliburton applies extensive experience in underground evaluation and EOR to evaluate safe and efficient CCS subsurface storage projects.



We execute geothermal development programs that help address the unique challenges, from characterization and drilling to stimulation and production.


Accelerate Carbon Capture Storage Innovations with AI

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment is a key requisite for ensuring a healthy and sustainable planet. The initiative has gained rapid momentum and almost all major businesses are focused on minimizing their carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Halliburton Landmark has developed a data-driven machine learning  solution for estimating carbon storage capacity volume.

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Innovations for sustainable energy

Our ability to support a lower carbon future includes applying our expertise in renewable and low-carbon services - such as geothermal energy, wind energy, and hydrogen storage - and in carbon capture storage (CSS).

From our historic involvement in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) leading to C02 storage to successful global delivery of geothermal services, Halliburton has a long history of executing sustainable energy projects.


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