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Halliburton expertise and technology make well interventions safe, efficient, and predictable. Through multiple conveyance and deployment methods, we can deliver innovative and efficient solutions that gather high-value data.

This includes optimizing existing assets’ performance. Through continuous monitoring, our cased hole solutions can help ensure that the performance of deployed tools are at their peak, including:

  • Well integrity
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Pipe recovery
  • Optimized operations

Well Integrity Diagnostics and Monitoring

Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service

Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service

Acoustic analysis tools that pinpoint costly wellbore leaks by analyzing sound waves that describe flow patterns in the formation and casing.

Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V Tool

Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V Tool

The Halliburton EPX™ V accurately pinpoints casing defects and metal corrosion in up to five tubular strings throughout the well.


Reservoir Surveillance

Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D)

Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D)

Monitor reservoirs to increase production, improve recovery, and find bypassed pay.


Powered and Mechanical Services

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut™ Cutting Solutions

ClearCut powered mechanical cutting tools perform precise, machine-shop quality, radial pipe cuts, regardless of depth and pipe compression.


Pipe Recovery

Halliburton offers a range of explosive and non-explosive pipe recovery products and services for drilling recompletion, and abandonment operations.  


Conveyance and delivery solutions

Halliburton delivers well intervention solutions on multiple conveyances, reducing the time and resources needed to do downhole work for each. Our Slickline and Cased Hole Electric Line services deploy mechanical intervention and well diagnostic tools downhole quickly and efficiently, helping operators to maintain optimal well performance and ultimately extend the well’s productive life.


  • Cased hole wireline is deployed via trucks, skids, or the eWinch™ remotely operated delivery system
  • The RELAY™ Digital Slickline System is a unique smart conveyance system that is adapted to existing slickline units and reduces the uncertainty of well intervention operations
  • RELAY includes depth and time correlation and bidirectional communications with downhole intervention and logging tools to offer quick and decisive decision making


  • Halliburton is the original slickline equipment manufacturer, making us the originator of slickline intervention
  • Performs many interventions traditionally done on electric line, including flow profile recording, reservoir boundary measurement, perforating, and more
  • Custom slickline solutions may be developed for any challenge, from deep water to high pressure/high temperature to high angles

Coiled Tubing

Used throughout the well life cycle, Halliburton Coiled Tubing intervention tools are commonly used at almost every step:

  • Stimulation – Wells are given a boost through acidizing or strategic hydraulic fracturing
  • Completion – Plug millouts in unconventional wells
  • Well integrity remediation – Integrity is assured through mechanical or chemical means
  • Flow assurance – Productive flow is ensured through the removal of obstacles like scale or paraffin
  • Diagnostics – Using tools like the Spectrum® Fusion further illuminates the downhole environment

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